A small exhibition team set out in 2015 for a grand adventure. Equipped with only a few laptops and lots of determination, the team pioneered what was possibly the first marketplace for travelers to find and book activities with local individual experts. This "Uber for Adventure Guides" would soon be know as 'Onblay'.

Since that first endeavor, Onblay has continued to explore ways to serve both travelers and tour operators alike. Most prominently, professional tour operators rely on the Onblay reservation system to manage upcoming trips, process payments, and allow travelers to book from the tour operator's website.

By reducing friction involved with finding, planning, and booking quality outdoor experiences, Onblay hopes that more time can be spent actually enjoying the activity and that a greater appreciation and awareness of nature and the great outdoors will increase as a result.

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Cole Manship
Co Founder and CEO
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Co Founder and CEO
Brandon Manship
Co Founder and CEO
Kyler Jacobson
Co Founder and CEO
Jared Christensen
Co Founder and CEO
Zack Lounsbury
Co Founder and CEO

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Cole Manship
Co Founder and CEO

Our commitment to sustainability

We believe in corporate responsibility. Onblay would not be possible without our community, team members, and the outdoors remaining as healthy as possible. Our biggest concern is the threat to natural wildlife and habitats around the world. The impacts of climate change not only threaten our places of recreation, but also our places of work.

Sustainability is at the center of everything we do at Onblay. We strive to do nothing that falls outside our Standards of Sustainability (SOS). This is why we choose to align ourselves with organizations like 1% For the Planet, National Forest Foundation, and other non-profits. Every reservation through Onblay results in trees planted and other forms sustainable activism.

We encourage our team members and our community to give back in whatever ways they can through service opportunities, restoration projects, political activism, and donations wherever possible.

Our Standards of Sustainability influence the way we treat our team members, the benefits we provide, the way we raise capital, when and where we work, and even who we work with. Sustainability is a strength and we hope you can join us in our mission.

Life before work.

When viewed through the lens of sustainability, work life begins to take very different meaning. A sustainable work life does not require commuting every morning. It doesn't require office structures to be built or for staff to be in their seats from 9:00 to 5:00. A sustainable work life is one that puts personal life first. It allows you to prioritize the things that really matter like family, friends, hobbies, and giving back.

At Onblay, all team members can work when and where they please. The decision to work is not out of obligation, but completely by choice. We work extremely hard to make Onblay a great product for all explorers and tour operators. We work hard to create something that people love and enjoy using. We work because it's fun and because we see direct results and benefits from that work.

Working at Onblay is like any strenuous adventure -- skill and determination are required if you want to get very far. But reaching your goal makes every step of the journey worth it.

Proudly founded in Ogden, Utah

Onblay provides travelers and tour operators with the digital experiences needed for a great outdoor adventure. By streamlining the processes for planning, booking, and preparing for an outdoor activity, our hope is that more time can be spent actually enjoying the activity and that a greater appreciation and awareness of nature and the great outdoors will increase as a result.

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